fredag den 11. maj 2012

Oh... to have a sense of direction

My Dear Charlie
Sometimes I am astonished in how many ways my son is like me. You know he looks like me. We've got the same colour eyes and the same tiny nose. But it's not just on the outside, he looks like me. Also on the inside.
He's a dreamer and a big softie. Things he sees and meets affects him very much. He gets easily enthusiastically about things and he gets frightened easily too. He wants to be a superhero, when he grows up. When I was a child my secret dream was to be a countess and live in a castle - preferably in the 1800th century. And have two white poodles and a peacock. Both very pleasant dreams, but completely  impossible to fullfill....

 When people ask me of the directions of something, I go blank. As in completely and utterly clueless. Even if the poor people ask for the directions of one of my favorite places, the directions I end up giving are comepletely nuts. And now it seems that my son also inherited my awful lack of sense of directions too.

Yesterday he went to visit one of his playmates with a group of boys from his kindergarten. Both the children and the kindergarten teacher had an amazing time. When I picked him up at the kindergarten, I asked him, where his friend lived.

And he replied: " You go to the forest far far away, where there is a signpost with the number 3 on it .... and there is a gorilla too. That's where he lives"

I off course asked him about that gorilla .... but never got to solve that mistery. He simply insists that the neigtbour of his friend is in fact a gorilla.

I'll have to rely on, that the people we send in wrong directions, end up seeing wonderfull places they never knew existed.

Have you ever ended giving completely nuts directions? Sent people somewhere crazy?

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