tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Maja's Magnolia Tree

Dear Charlie
Two years ago - alomst to the date - I lost a friend. My old roommate and friend for many years lost a long and hard struggle against the cancer.

At her last birthday - the 8th of May that year - I planted a magnolia tree in my garden. We knew she was dying. The people at the hospice did what they could to ease her pain. But everything went so fast. So at the 8th I planted that tree in the memory of her. I wanted it to plant it at her birthday, because I wanted to celebrate the day an amazing person came into this world. I wanted to remember her as she was in life. Not the way she was so close to the end - skinny, fragile and in pain. Shortly after that she died.

When I think of her, I want to remember her like the warm and carring person she was. She was a buxom, loving, funny and positive woman. She had an amazing laughter. It would resound through the entire house. Like an explosing of joy. She had the mildest and wamest eyes. And I still cannot believe that this wonderful person had to leave this planet at such an early age.

My dream for this tree came true. I wanted to have something that reminded me of her. And everyday I look out my livingroom window I gaze out at the Maja's tree. And I recollect all the times we spend together.

Today - very symbolicly - the magnolia tree started blooming.

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  1. Thank you for coming by to visit my blog! Your magnolia blossom is just beautiful and a fitting tribute to your lovely friend. I'll be back to visit again regularly! x